Business Consultancy

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Business Consultancy

At O’Donnell and Associates we have extensive business experience that we can share with clients in relation to the different sectors and markets as well as an in depth understanding of the financial and accounting needs of different companies.

In order to raise finance, it is recommended that a robust Business Plan is presented so the financiers know what to expect and can assess the likelihood of the proposal based on sound business principles. That is where O’Donnell and Associates can assist.

What we do... 

Business Plans

  • Market assessment
  • Review of past performance
  • Identify clear goals and objectives
  • Set out strategies and action plan
  • Financial projections going forward
  • Capital and financial needs identified
  • Budgets and cash flow projections


Marketing Plans

  • Review existing products and services
  • Assess last few years marketing performance both sales and expenditure
  • Set marketing objectives and goals based on Business Plan
  • Marketing strategies and Action Plan
  • Budgets for sales and marketing expenditure
  • Link to Business Plan for consistency and financial implications


Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Financial implications of proposed new ventures
  • Tax implications of any new initiative
  • Assessment of existing Business Plans and financial projections
  • Sourcing of finance for proposed deals
  • Business planning for new venture


The Benefits of our Business Consultancy include:

  • Experience of different markets
  • Independent assessment of proposals
  • Sound business advice and acumen
  • Realistic approach to new ventures
  • New ideas and approaches to situations

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